csr philosophy

JSL International espouses that our Corporate interests should not harm, but strengthen our communities and the environment. We recognize that our responsibility to society stretches beyond legal requirements and advocate that we are as accountable to our employees, communities and the environment, as we are to our shareholders.

Financial performance is not our only goal.

For JSL International, we recognize and appreciate the value of social accountability to our long-term sustainability. We position and pride ourselves as an organization that goes beyond compliance in fulfilling this duty and continue to develop our strategies to promote diversity, equality and fairness.

"Joint Sustainability initiative between 5 exceptional Texas A&M 2021 MBA students from the Mays Business school, and the JSL International group of companies."

"JSL International & Mays Business School is taking a sustainable initiative for a better future. A session was conducted by Janet Marcantonio - Executive Professor at Mays Business School."